Manual Induction Sealing Machine 20mm-100mm 110V

Manual Induction Sealing Machine 20mm-100mm 110V


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  • Use range & specification: Suitable for: all kinds of plastic, glass and other non-metallic packaging containers of aluminum foil composite film( induction film)cover sealing;Bottle Sealing Diameter: 20mm – 100mm; Voltage :110V
  • Sealing effect: fast and efficient, the foil cap can be sealed properly, no leakage, preserve freshness of whatever is stored in the bottle
  • Machinery equip: High quality IGBT power tube, single chip control, pure copper coils, these parts prolong the machine service life, make the machine work stably with lower power consumption
  • Working principle: electromagnetic induction heating, can melt aluminum foil film instantly through non-contact induction heating to achieve the purpose of sealing
  • Customer service: After you receive the machine and during the usage of the machine. No matter what problem you meet you can contact us (, and we will support you within 12 hours.

Additional information

Manual Induction Sealing Machine

Bottle Sealing Diameter: 20mm – 100mm; Voltage :110V

Packing List

1. Bottle Sealing Machine X 1 2. Trial sealing bottle X 2 3. Trial sealing film X 2 4. User Manual X 1


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